Following up with the PixHawk Fire Cape (PXF) series that was started a while ago, I’m happy to announce the PXFmini, an open autopilot shield for the Raspberry Pi. This autopilot shield allows anyone to create ready-to-fly autopilots with support for Dronecode’s APM flight stack priced at only 69 €. The shield has been designed with […]

  Erle Robotics has taken much from this open hardware environment that has been created around the Dronecode Foundation and we are willing to give back. It’s worth mentioning that one of the most relevant players of the current situation is the PX4 team led by Lorenz Meier which has truly been an inspiration for many and […]

I answered today a comment in DIYDrones about why we started BeaglePilot with Linux and the BeagleBone Black. This is a relevant matter for Erle Robotics since it gets into our ideals so i though that it would be nice to share the answers:  While having a separate board with an RTOS is definitely  the […]

It’s been already about two years since we started with this trip: Erle. After having spent the last 4 years in 5 different Universities around the world working in Robotics it became clear to me that there’s a need for low cost, Linux-based robots that allow researchers, students and hobbyists to push forward the so […]

We (Philip Rowse, Andrew Tridgell and Siddharth Purohit) have been struggling for some months with non-working UARTs in the PixHawk Fire Cape (PXF). I’ve been finally able to save some time and make some measurements. Since i’ve got no cables with me today i performed all tests using a GPS module. Below, I’m sharing my findings: […]

I am happy to share with you today a paper we’ve been working over the last weeks titled “Towards an Open Source Linux autopilot for drones” (available  here) that has been accepted in LibreCon 2014: Business and Open Technologies Conference that will be held the 11th and 12th of November in Bilbao, Spain. The paper will be presented […]