Originally posted at https://www.dronecode.org/news-faq/blogs/2016/01/pxfmini-open-shield-raspberry-pi-zero-released-erle-robotics: Erle Robotics, a Silver member of the Dronecode has just announced a new 69 € autopilot shield for Raspberry Pi Zero: the PXFmini. This tiny daughter board allows anyone to create ready-to-fly autopilots with support for Dronecode’s APM and PX4 (a work in progress) flight stacks on top of the inexpensive […]

The Robot Operative System (ROS) is an open-source, framework for robot application development maintained by the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF). A ROS system is comprised of a number of independent nodes, each of which communicates with the other nodes using a publish/subscribe messaging model that can be deployed over different computers. ROS was originally […]

  Over the last year Erle Robotics has been actively contributing to to the APM autopilot project, a software autopilot to make autonomous drones. Members of the Erle Robotics team are among the main contributors of the switch to Linux and now Erle Robotics has officially joined the Dronecode Foundation. The Dronecode brings together existing open […]

We are delighted to announce that Erle Robotics will be sponsoring the Amsterdan International Software Development conference: GOTO conference.   Erle will be speaking about Linux drones, the Robot Operating System (ROS) and the app store for drones and robots. A marketplace where roboticists will be able to contribute, share and monetize their algorithms.   Besides […]

I’m delighted to introduce Erle-Brain v1.1 as the most complete Linux autopilot: powered by APM autopilot Open Hardware design based on the BeagleBone Black and the PixHawk Fire cape 3 IMUs for more robust flights 2x UART ports, 3x I2C ports, buzzer connector, ADC, … ROS Hydro and/or Indigo Ubuntu Snappy Core support with access […]

A few weeks ago we announced a partnership with Canonical to support the next generation of drones that will be connected to the internet, update automatically and will have access to an app store for drones. Following up with our passion for bringing Linux-based drones to the market we are happy to share that the first apps are […]

Andrew Tridgell just informed about the last news on the in-progress Linux port, dealing with the multitude of sensors, latency and timing issues. Check out the slides of the talk. Quite interesting the new PixHawk Fire Cape. Indeed, all these news reinforce the fact that we walk the right path at Erle Robotics ;).