Erle-Copter drone kit


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  • Case

    Transport safely your flying robot and its components. Get it from here. (+ 3980 grams/8.77 lb)

    Erle-Brain 3
    Anti-Vibration bed

    The Anti-Vibration bed for Erle-Brain 3 provides greater stability and improves the flying experience.

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    Integrated camera (1080 HD, 8 MP) (+ 7 grams/0.01 lb)

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    The Global Positioning System uBlox Neo-8M with digital compass allows geolocation of your vehicle. (+ 46 grams/0.1 lb)

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    External WiFi

    The external WiFi (802.11 ac) wireless modules that allow you to connect your robot to a router (infrastructure mode) or create its own WiFi network (hotspot mode) using the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bandwidth. More info in our Docs.

    (+ 2 grams/0.001 lb)

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    Flashed with the last OS image.

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    DF13 connectors

    The connectors used to connected external devices to Erle-Brain (e.g. range finders, external barometers, GPS, etc.).

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    RC Controller
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    The telemetry radio set allows you to get a 2 km range communications link. The radio set not only lets you see live data, such as live GPS position overlaid on a map, system voltage, heading, waypoint navigation even artificial horizon and much more. Available in the 433 and 915 MHz frequency bands (also from the store). 

    (+ 24 grams/0.052 lb)

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    Lithium Polymer batteries. (+ 416 grams/0.91 lb)
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    Extra battery charger

    Note that an 2S-6S extra battery charger is required for the 4S batteries.

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    A gimbal ensures smooth capture and fluid HD footage on every flight, stabilized. We recommend purchasing the landing legs together with your gimbal. 

    If you use a 2-axis gimbal, you will need a 9 channels RC to control both axis. This gimbal is compatible with GoPro HERO/HERO3/HERO3+/HERO4

    (+ 203 grams/0.45 lb)

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    Landing Legs

    Fiberglass legs for Erle-Copter that separate your robot 200 mm from the ground (also available from the store). (+ 332 grams/0.73 lb)

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    Extra propellers

    Extra Auto-adjustable props for your drone. Each pair includes two propellers, one CW and other CCW.

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Now upgraded with Erle-Brain 3.

The Erle-Copter DIY drone kit provides a low cost pack to build yourself your own Linux drone step by step.

Erle-Copter is a professional quadcopter drone kit that uses the Erle-Brain 3 hardware autopilot and the APM flight stack. In a nutshell, it's a Linux flying robot kit whose behavior can be extended in the same way you'll code something in your Desktop machine.


It's ideal for outdoor operations and it has been designed for an extended flight time (about 20 minutes) with a takeoff weight of up to 1 kilogram. It includes official ROS support and an alpha version of ROS 2.0.


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This drone kit is a Linux-quadcopter that aims to teach an inspire people about the upcoming robotics revolution starting at only 499 €. In its simplest version this product includes:

– Erle-Copter frame
– Erle-Brain 3 Linux autopilot
– 4x Erle Robotics brushless motors
– 4x Erle Robotics compatible ESC
– 2x Erle Robotics propellers CCW
– 2x Erle Robotics propellers CW
– Power module
– 1x 5500 mAh 3S LiPo battery
– 1x 3S LiPo charger
– RC 2.4 GHz 6 channels (includes transmitter and receiver)


Propellers 9.5 x 4.5in
Flight time ~20 minutes with a 5000 mAh battery
Propellers 9.5×4.5 in
Payload Up to 1 kg (influences the flight time)
ESC Signal Frequency range 30Hz – 450Hz, support 3S-4S battery
Motor Stator size 22 x 12 mm (2212) and KV: 920 rpm/V
OS Debian or Ubuntu Snappy Core
Frameworks ROS Indigo

- Telemetry, although not included is recommended.
– It is advisable to install some fiberglass legs if you use a gimbal.
– If you use a 2-axis gimbal, you will need a 9 channels RC to control both axis. With the 6 channel RC you only can control one of the axis.
– You will need a 4S LiPo battery charger/balancer for the extra 4S batteries.

Basic RGBNOTE: This are the dimensions and Weight of a basic RTF Erle-Copter. It will vary depending on the addons you buy.
Basic RGBNOTE: This are the dimensions and Weight of a basic DIY Erle-Copter. It will vary depending on the addons you buy.

Weight 8 kg