Self-tightening propeller (pair)

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Aircraft propellers or airscrews convert rotary motion from piston engines, turboprops or electric motors (our case) to provide propulsive force. They may be fixed or variable pitch, but our copters use the fixed type. Early aircraft propellers were carved by hand from solid or laminated wood with later propellers being constructed from metal. The most modern propeller designs use high-technology composite materials.

These propellers self-tighten themselves. Putting and removing them takes only a few seconds. The propellers should match with the corresponding Erle-Brushless Motors. Please note that these propellers are dangerous and should be handled carefully.

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Carbon fiber super durable propellers of 9.4 inches of length and 4.3 of pitch that would give mobility to your autopilot. Easy to adjust.

Weight 0.100 kg

Standard propeller , Carbon Fiber propeller