Giving back: the PixHawk Fire Cape 2.0

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Erle Robotics has taken much from this open hardware environment that has been created around the Dronecode Foundation and we are willing to give back. It’s worth mentioning that one of the most relevant players of the current situation is the PX4 team led by Lorenz Meier which has truly been an inspiration for many and we, at Erle Robotics, are among them.

With this in mind we are happy to announce the PixHawk Fire Cape 2.0 (PXF 2.0): an open hardware multi-platform shield to build Linux-based drones. The naming, has been selected honouring Philip Rowse who initially designed the first PXF concept (which on his own based this work in the PixHawk itself). Although we won’t be retailing this board directly we will be offering Erle-Brain 2, a commercial solutions based on this board. Sources are freely available at


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