I don´t find the items that I want on the webstore, what can I do?

Don´t worry, you can send an email to sales@erlerobotics.com. Our sales team will help you with your needs.

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Which software is the best to program paths/missions with your devices?

You can use APM Planner or Mission Planner. There is also software for Android available, check Tower (also for android wear).

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What kind of devices can be added to the Erle-Brain?

You can add many types of different devices to the Erle-Brain: Lidar, Optical Flow, Gimbals, 2D laser scanners, depth sensors…

You can check these and more examples here.

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How can I receive the OS image for my wonderful device?

In order to have your OS image please select and fill the appropriate form with your order number and buyer name. You will receive the OS image in the next few days.

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Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide via Fedex International Priority service. You will receive your product quickly.

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What do I need to build a drone with the PXFmini?

That is a nice project. You should take a look to the Pi Zero Drone project that we published.

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What is the Erle brain device? and how it is useful?

Erle-Brain is an artificial robotic brain for making robots and drones. A linux embedded computer including all the sensing and computing needed to create smart and autonomous behaviors. We provide Linux images with pre-configured software to build aerial, terrestrial and marine-based drones. As members of the Dronecode Foundation, Erle-Brain uses the APM software autopilot and provides full support for it.

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What is the maximum range of WIFI connection?

That depends on your working conditions and antennas used. A general WiFi dongle can easily cover a 200 meter range area in open space environments. Changing to dongles with higher gains will get you to meet your needs. This high gain wifi dongle antenna provides high perfomance long distance wireless connections with 4dBi (2.4GHz) and 6dBi(5GHz).

The advantage of having Linux machines running all the flight logic is that most of the general purpose devices/dongles will highly like have drivers already available.

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Can be a GPS device attached to it? Is it integrated with ROS?

Sure it can, and yes, there’re ROS abstractions that provide GPS coordinates. We offer configurable drones which makes it easy for you to select the one according to your hardware needs.

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Are them fully supported by ROS? And which versions? Is there any elaborated documentation for someone who wants to start with it?

We’ve made several releases with Kinetic and Indigo supported. ROS standardized interfaces for our robots are offered and documented. The ROS wiki also contains relevant information about each one of our products.

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How Erle-Copter could be more interesting than other drones?

We focus on Linux-based open source and hardware robots. The fact of having all the sources open makes it quite more attractive to a great majority of researchers and we are growing a community that keeps pushing the state of the art.

There’s a lot of research behind our work that we happily share.

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Can I control several drones with the Ground Control Station?

Our drones include support for several ground control stations (GCS). Please refer to the docs for a simple introduction. Swarming can be done in several ways:

  • Using APM Planner 2.0 and by assigning each a unique identifier (SYSID_THISMAV parameter). Only one is under active control at a time, and you can switch between them using the the Unmanned Systems widget.
  • There’s also a reasonable number of active research lines building multi-vehicle GCS. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/drones-discuss/ZiH6GfsUytg

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Long range communication? What are the options?

That depends on the range you wish to reach. Up to 1.5 km our default links should be fine. If you desire more range, DragonLink links (which are compatible with our robotic brains) claim to have 15 km of range (direct link).

Alternatively you could easily use a 3G/4G USB dongle for drone communications.

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How will be communicate with Erle-Copter or Erle-Brain?

It’s a Linux computer so there’re plenty of ways to do so. By default we include three ways:

  • WiFi, the drone creates its own hotspot (acts as a router) and devices can connect to the network to transfer data, video, etc. We provide different WiFi modules with different antennas that allow you to extend the range as desired.
  • Telemetry radios working in either the (433 MHz or the 915 MHz). These radios are generally used to send telemetry over long distances ( ~ 1 km ).
  • We also provide a wired connection through the mini USB port in the drone meant for debugging and development purposes.

These three should be a good starting point but If you need additional ones (e.g.: Ethernet, Bluetooth, 4G, …) and our engineers will provide support.

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Can I use 3D sensors with Erle-Brain?

There are many that could be used. Please note that there’re Linux driver for most commercial 3D scanners and RGB cameras. For example: Velodyne LIDARs (high resolution and high cost) or a simple Kinect that provides good results at a much lower price.

Take a look to all the additional devices that we have tested on our Erle-Brain!

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Does the price include VAT or other duties?

Prices don’t include VAT. If you are outside of the European Union, you are responsible for any tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.

In case you are from a Company based on the EU, you are doing an intra-Community transaction and you need the VAT excluded from the quotation or want a VAT refund please contact sales@erlerobotics.com providing a valid VAT-ID.

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Where can I use Erle-Copter?

Anywhere outdoors as long as you are respecting all the local laws and regulations.

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How much time does it take to recharge a battery?

2 hours for a full-charge.

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Where can I buy replacement parts for Erle-Robots?

All the components can be bought in our store

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How likely are the propellers to break?

Propellers are designed with safety and ruggedness in mind, which means that they tend to bend but not break. If your propellers get damaged, you will be able to purchase new propellers from our website.

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How do I build Erle-Copter DIY?

Check out our docs, you will find all the necessary information regarding the Erle-Copter assembly.

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How do I control Erle-Copter?

Can I use SLAM?

Erle-Brain and our drones (robots) are powered by ROS. For this reason you can use all the packages and drives available in ROS. You can test, benchmark or modified state of the art algorithm related to SLAM.
For example, Gmapping package provides laser-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Using SLAM Gmapping, you can create a 2-D occupancy grid map (like a building floorplan) from laser and pose data collected by a mobile robot.

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How can I start to learn to use Erle-Brain?

Take a look to our docs to learn how to use Erle-Brain or our robots: 






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Why do we use ROS?

In a few years ROS has changed the robotics field. It has unified Universities and industries around the world, enhanced collaboration, sharing of algorithms and reuse of code. A task that traditionally could take months can be developed within days using ROS.
We are true believers that ROS is the ultimate framework for robotics. The ideal SDK for robot and drone app development.

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Where I can use Erle-Brain?

Erle-Brain has been successfully tested in copters, planes, rovers and boats. Thanks to the contribution of many,  there’re drivers for most of the sensor and we keep working hard to provide support for even more accessories. Here are some of the ones we’ve been playing with: power module, electro permanet magnet (EPM), electronic speed controller (ESC), GPS, camera, gimbal, buzzer, RGB leds, etc.

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Why Linux-based?

Having Linux-based robots empowers new uses and applications, simplifies development and allows the big community of Linux users to jump straight into robot app development. We proved that the maximum latencies with a modified Linux kernel are controllable. Still don’t believe it? ask what SpaceX is running ;).

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