Erle-Brain 3

An all-in-one Linux brain for robots and drones

199.00 €

What is Erle-Brain 3?

An artificial brain (including autopilot capabilities) for making robots and drones.

Erle-Brain 3, includes gravity sensors, gyroscopes, a digital compass, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, … All together to make an embedded Linux computer that will help you into robot creation.

New improved version

Erle-Brain 3 is the new improved version of Erle-Brain 2. It has been created thinking about improving the user experience: new design, interaction of WiFi and Bluetooth, implementation of PX4 … among others.

Now with
WiFi and Bluetooth

Connect easily to your Erle-Brain 3 without any addon.

With a Professional Autopilot

PX4 is platform independent autopilot software (or a software stack / firmware) that can fly or drive Unmanned Aerial or Ground Vehicles (UAV / UGV). It is loaded (flashed) on certain hardware and together with Ground Control Station it makes a full autonomous autopilot system.

Add more Stability


Erle-Brain 3 is the third generation of Linux-based artificial robotics brain for making robots and drones with official support for the Robot Operating System (ROS). It supports lot of vehicles and can be used for new ones. It is an all-in-one Linux brain.
Drones deployed in real applications have several computational units. Among them, there is the Flight Control Unit (FCU) —a computer that provides basic flight controls, and a companion computer— a computational device in charge of higher level behaviors such as image processing or image broadcasting.

Learn ROS & ROS 2

Erle-Brain 3 offers support for the Robot Operating System (ROS) and ROS 2, the ultimate framework for developing robot applications that will define the next decade in robotics.

The Lightest Operating System

Versatile design, personalize it!


Erle-GPS is a GPS support designed specifically for the Erle-Brain 3. It will help you make autonomous missions safely.

Take HD images

Erle-Brain 3 is an autopilot build on top of the Dronecode Foundation technologies deployed in several industrial scenarios and with support for simulation, ground control stations, tools for flight log analysis and much more.

Developers are welcome

Erle-Brain 3 supports APM, a standard platform for drones. Which allows you work side by side with an amazing open source community.