Erle-Brain 2

An all-in-one Linux brain for robots and drones


199.00 €

What is Erle-Brain 2?

An artificial brain for making robots and drones.

Erle-Brain 2 includes gravity sensors, gyroscopes, a digital compass, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, … All together to make an embedded Linux computer that will help you jump into robot creation.

How does it work?

Connect your brain to an screen using the HDMI port and power it up. You’ll see our nice operating system booting up.

Once there, plug a mouse to Erle-Brain 2 and select the drone you want to build from the icons. Erle-Brain 2 will configure itself automatically to your selection.

Once finished, it’ll guide you though the process of connecting the appropriate sensors and actuators.

Erle-Brain 2 in drones

Drones deployed in real applications have several computational units. Among them, there is the Flight Control Unit (FCU) –a computer that provides basic flight controls, and a companion computer– a computational device in charge of higher level behaviors such as image processing or image broadcasting.

Erle-Brain 2 is an all-in-one Linux brain for drones that provides FCU/autopilot capabilities and a companion computer. Everything in one package.

8 MP camera

8 Megapixel camera able to provide HD photos and high quality lifestream video over several kilometers with low latency.

External connections

Erle-Brain 2 offers a wide variety of connection mechanism going from traditional I2C and UART ports to widely used Ethernet and USB ones.

Interface with other external sensors easily and extend your robot/drone behavior with Erle-Brain 2.


Erle-Brain 2 offers support for the Robot Operating System (ROS), the ultimate framework for developing robot applications that will define the next decade in robotics.

Flight stacks

We work side by side with amazing open source communities to provide support for the de facto standard platforms for drones: the popular APM and PX4 autopilots.

Dronecode foundation

Erle-Brain 2 is an autopilot build on top of the Dronecode Foundation technologies deployed in several industrial scenarios and with support for simulation, ground control stations, tools for flight log analysis and much more.

Brains for robots and drones

Comparing Erle Robotics artificial brains solutions

Erle-Brain PRO Erle-Brain 2 PXFmini
Erle-Brain PRO Erle-Brain 2 PXFmini
Description A supercomputer for building the intelligence of robots and drones based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1. An all-in-one tiny Linux brain (includes autopilot capabilities) for making robots and drones based on the Raspberry Pi 2. An entry level autopilot board for the Raspberry Pi family to make robots and drones.
Price 990,00 € 199,00 € 69,00 €
Dimensions 54 x 113,5 x 25 mm
2.12 x 4.5 x 0.98 in
63 x 96 x 25 mm
2.48 x 3.78 x 0.95 in
31 x 73 x 8,9 mm
1.22 x 2.87 x 0.35 in
Weight 150 g
0.3 lb
100 g
0.22 lb
15 g
0.033 lb
Processor CPUs: 64-bit ARM(R) A57
GPUs: 1 TFLOP/s 256-core
900MHz quad-core
ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
1GHz Single-core CPU
(with the Raspberry Pi Zero)
RAM 4 GB LPDDR4 | 25.6 GB/s 1 GB 512 MB
Camera CSI-2 8 MP -
Sensing - Gravity sensor, gyroscope, digital compass, pressure sensor and temperature sensor, ADC for battery sensing. Gravity sensor, gyroscope, digital compass, pressure sensor and temperature sensor, ADC for battery sensing.
I/Os Gigabit Ethernet, 1x mini HDMI, 1x UART (3.3V TTL), 2x CAN, 1x I2C, 1x SPI, 1x I2S. 2x I2C, UART and POWER connections, 4 USB ports, Full HDMI port, 10/100 Ethernet, Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite. I2C, UART and POWER connection, mini HDMI, 2 micro USB ports.
Add-ons Heatsink + Fan, SSD drive, Cables for peripherals, Dongle WiFi, Dongle Bluetooth, Antennas WiFi and Bluetooth, Micro SD, mini HDMI-HDMI adapter Camera, GPS, Dongle Wifi, Dongle Bluetooth, Micro SD, Cables for peripherals. GPS, Dongle Wifi, Dongle Bluetooth, Micro SD, Cables for peripherals, micro USB-USB adapter

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