We’ve designed Erle-Spider to deliver an open, low cost and Linux-based robot that brings robotics to the people. To show it to the world we’ve put together a little game. Here’s how it works:   Erle-Spider is crawling around our offices and life streaming video of what it sees at https://www.youtube.com/c/ErleRobotics/live. The robot can be moved […]

Erle-Spider is the first legged drone powered by ROS and running Snappy Ubuntu Core. This smart robot with a 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor runs Linux natively and embeds several sensors onboard. The hexapod has been designed to meet the increasing demand of robot kits to learn, research and develop while being subject to low […]

  We’ve shared many times that for ourselves, the future of robotics won’t be about humanoids of thousands of Euros but about low cost, Linux-based and open robots that allow the next generation of engineers to use these automatas in real scenarios. Building a robot is accepted as a harsh task thereby it really makes sense […]

If you have a little experience with programming but you don’t know much about C++ this entry may be interesting for you because the basics of C++ are going to be explained. However, you have to now that one of the best ways to learn a new program language is by looking to lots and […]

Erle-Copter has been featured as one of the top 10 Linux robots. Proud of that! We’ve always believed that the future of robotics wouldn’t be about humanoids of thousands of Euros but about affordable, Linux-based and open robots. And that’s exactly what we do in our everyday’s work. In case you haven’t heard about it, check out […]

As it happened las year, Silicon Valley Robotics and Robohub are looking for robotics startups with innovative technologies and strong business models. Startups are assessed by a team of experienced venture investors and robotics entrepreneurs, providing valuable feedback to everyone. There is a prize pool of >$100,000 with grand prize of >$5,000 plus courtesy of our […]

It’s been already two months since we joined TechFounders accelerator program. Much has happened since and we have nothing but compliments for the program. TechFounders provided a clean and open space where to grow our business, dedicated resources, access to material, machinery and to a big network of investors. We didn’t spoke german nor we […]

  Third episode of our Learning ROS video series is out. In this video we explain how create a ROS package that allows a drone to autonomously takeoff, do stuff (or idle as it’s our case) and land (source code). Watch the last part of the video (minute 8:58) where we show a life demo of the […]