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As roboticists, we, at Erle have discovered experimentally that in many senses when creating software for robots and drones, it’s best to do it with your own hardware. Alan Kay said once that “If you are truly serious about software, you should create your hardware” and our experience has just confirmed that every single week.


In this sense, and as electrical engineers, we are always looking for resources that help us get some inspiration, access to new designs, projects, articles and discussions. There’re many online communities but among them we’d highlight EEWeb. A site with worldwide traction that helps us stay in touch with latest reference designs and advances for analog devices, rf systems, digital ICs, sensors…

If like us, you’re passionate about electronics and wish to invent the future have a look at EEWeb’s site and interact experts in the field.

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ajithparma, 31/12/2016 Reply

Great blog with nice articles for electronics ..thank you for sharing updated projects

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